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Thank you for your interest in IAM Academy. To help you know what we’re all about, below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. How long is the Program?
A. Discipleship 1 Year (12 Months)
Ministry Training 2 Year (24 Months)
2Q: What is purpose?
A. The mandate, “Go teach My people faith, “and is a school designed to equip men and women as Disciples, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, and Ministry of Helps. This Assignment was given by God to Apostle Alfred Craig Sr, and Ambassador Beverly Craig the founders of Ministry Training Institute. Today his son, Alfred Craig Jr, the school’s president, and daughter-in-law, Noel Craig, its director, assist with carrying out the mandate.
3Q: Is this for me?
A. Yes! Whether you feel called to the full-time ministry or the ministry of helps or would simply like to study the Bible more in-depth, THIS is the school for you! While ministry training is an important part of IAM’s vision, our overall mission is to equip and Disciple believers to live successfully and reach their world for Jesus Christ. Our One-year Discipleship fundamentals program is designed to see students grow stronger in their relationship with God. Simply put, you’ll come out a stronger believer, ready to accomplish whatever God has called you to do! (For those who do feel called to the ministry, we offer Ministry Training Institute programs that provide specialized, hands-on training that is for 2 years.)
4Q: Who attends IAM ?
A: Many of our students come immediately after graduating from high school or college. Others have already started a career and/or family, and some are even retired. Our students are from all walks of life and in all seasons of life.
5Q: When does school begin?
A. Our Program is On-line it is Open Enrollment.
6Q: Does IAM offer ministerial licensing and/or ordination?
A: Yes. International Association of Ministries offers licensing and ordination to qualified (after Completion of our Ministry Training Institute Graduation) in full-time ministry.
7Q: What denomination is IAM Academy?
A. We are technically “nondenominational.” However, our beliefs are Charismatic, Pentecostal, and Word of Faith based.
8Q: How can I apply to IAM Academy?
A. You can apply online
B. IAM Church App
9Q: Do I need a high school diploma, GED, SAT, or ACT to apply?
A: No. While we do encourage each person to get as much education as possible.
10Q. Do I have to be a Christian to take the Course?
A. No. Everyone is welcomed. However, a part of the course work is to serve in Church.
11Q. Is church attendance required?
A. Yes. Service in the local church is a part of the curriculum throughout the Discipleship and Ministry Training.
12Q. Will there be homework? Will there be tests? And will there be grades?

A. Yes, there will be homework that each student will be expected to have prepared prior to each class.

Test question: Did you read the Book

Each student will be required to do a summary of each class taught

Did you Serve in any Part of Ministry? and what did you learn?

13Q. What is different about this school?
  • It is Easily Accessible so the student does not have to leave their job, their church, and it makes it extremely affordable.
  • Because "practical" is a core value, every student will have the opportunity to have hands on training in Ministry, be a part of Ministry you serve in, and have the initiative to be a part of their community.
14Q. What will be required for a student to enter Ministry Training Institute?

A. Those who Complete our Discipleship Program, will go through an evaluation period and are assessed and approved by leadership and are recommended by their lead pastor would be eligible to apply for the Ministry Training Institute Preparation Track:

In this Next level of Ministry Training is where you would (Find your Calling) by God Grace’s.

  • You will be administered a Spiritual Assessment to Test to see where you most likely would fit in the 5- Fold Ministry Gifts
  • You will see what your Gifts are
  • You will be taught what those Gifts are
  • You will find out what they mean
15Q. Are all students completing two years of study graduate and are eligible to continue to a Mentoring Programs of Study. If a student finishes can they apply for credentials?

At the end of MTI we will assess, with the student, what further training or qualifications, if any may be needed to be licensed as a minister. If further experience or training is needed, we will help create the pathway to that end.

You may apply for License and be ordained under International Association of Ministries. It’s a Yearly Subscription. Ask for an Application once Program is finished.

Lifelong Learning & Path to Credentials apply for credentials with International Association of Ministries. We would assess with the candidate any further requirements that would need to be met to be eligible for ministerial credentials. We would then work with them to find or create appropriate ministry opportunities.

16Q. What is the cost of IAM Academy School of Ministry?
A. Go to the Financial Information of our Page