Our Team

Meet Our Staff in the Leadership Roles

IAM Church puts God first. Our staff of pastors is here to guide you in the right direction to give glory to Jesus Christ while dealing with the modern-day world of secularism. Feel free to ask us any questions you have. Our pastors have received recognition from ministry school, business school, and leadership school.


Dr. Alfred Craig, Sr.


Dr. Beverly Craig

Executive Pastor

Pastor Alfred Craig, Jr.

Executive Pastor

Pastor Noel Craig


Pastor Joshua and Loury Mangram

Assistant Pastors

Pastor Adrian and Maria Ochoa

Pastor Cedric and Marilyn Gardner

Lead Ministers

Beatrice Fields

Belinda Blackman

Daisy Ochoa

Viva Humphrey

Pastor Maria Heredia


Joyce Webster

Karla Shaw

Beverly Wells

Pastor Gloria Johnson

Val Anderson

Rose Anderson

Theresa Banks

Angel Jackson

Maria Smith

Kim Cobbs

Bobbie Cobbs

Beverly Wells


Gloria Jones

Tinika Malone

Freddy and Cathy Chavez