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The only requirement for full membership at IAM Church is when the Pastor gives an Invitation Publicly. Membership represents your commitment as a disciple of Jesus Christ to walk alongside of others on the Discipleship Pathway and to support the ministries of IAM Church as a disciple of Jesus Christ through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.


1. Identification with God’s People – God’s people have always been clearly identified even though the expression of identification has varied by culture and time. Though common in America, the idea of the “independent Christian” is totally alien to the New Testament. 1 Corinthians 12:20 states, “There are many members but one body. Christ designed and instituted His Church so that his people could be clearly identified with the church and be known as “the body of Christ.” Membership helps to identify one with Christ’s church in a place.

2. Important for Growth – Christians do not normally grow well in isolation. We are uplifted and mature in our faith by being together in common worship and service (Acts 2:41-47). Thus, early believers were exhorted, “Let us not give up meeting together… But let us encourage one another…” (Hebrews 10:25).

3. Increased Effectiveness – Just as logs joined together burn much brighter than independent logs, so Christians, gathered together, can accomplish much more than as individuals as talents and abilities are dedicated to the service of the Lord. The church’s teachings for youth and adults, or its service of good works and evangelism, are only effective as each one does his or her part (1 Peter 4:12).4. A Sense of Belonging – When one formally joins a church, the sense of belonging is significantly heightened. It is no longer “Their Church” but “Our Church.” Therefore, one feels more comfortable and readily accepts and claims the benefits of belonging.

5. Acceptance of Responsibility – To get the full benefits and joys of marriage, one must be committed to the obligations and responsibilities of marriage. Even so, to enjoy the full benefits of the church, one must also accept the full responsibilities. When one joins, one becomes personally responsible for the success or failure of the Lord’s work. The Christian becomes a player instead of a spectator. As a team member, he must accept responsibility for the wins and losses of the team, while the spectator only observes.

6. Commitment to Christ – A Christian is one who is committed to Christ, and if we are committed to Christ, we should be committed to a local church that He has established. The local church is far from perfect, but here we find opportunities, through our worship and service, to express our loyalty to the Savior. Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, and Romans 12 all emphasize the unity and meaning of the various members or parts of the body. The church, that is, the body with all its parts, is to depend exclusively upon Christ – the head, if the whole body is to be nourished and if it is to enjoy growth and maturity. The church derives its character not from its membership but from its Head, not from those who join it but from Him who calls it into being.

We encourage you today to pray and ask God for the church that He has ordained for you to join. Every church is not for everyone, but God does know what church is specifically for you in this season of your life. It is in that church that you will flourish as the scripture says in Psalm 92:12-15. Church hoppers are not listening to the voice of God; for God is not confused about where He wants us to be. Mediate on that…

Make Church Membership your priority!

We teach the uncompromising Word of God and train men and women how to enter their God given purpose in life. We minister to the entire man “spirit, soul and body”. It is our mandate to build you up in faith teaching you to go boldly into the entire world preaching the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, reaping the harvest of the earth. Revelation 14:15

Join us for 4 weeks where you'll hear the VISION of our CHURCH, Develop Spiritual Health, Discover Your Gifts, and become part of a Serving Team.

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This class is a basic introduction to the ministry, Our History, Vision, Mission and Values of IAM Church and will help you understand official church membership. It takes place the first Sunday of every month
Spiritual Health
4 Essentials To Developing as a Disciple

This class guides you through the essential beliefs every Christian needs to grow in one’s faith and develop as a disciple. It takes place on the second Sunday of every month.

Discovering You
Spiritual Gifts Assessments & Personality Profiles

This class is geared to help you realize what makes you so unique. It focuses on discovering your personality, gifts, and purpose in life and seeing how God combines them for the best fit in ministry. This class takes place on the third Sunday of every month.

Get involved
Ministry introductions, meet the leaders & join a team

This class introduces you to the major ministries of IAM and their leaders. It also provides an easy access point for you to join a team and to start serving!

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